Early's Lemon Pepper Hot Sauce
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Early's First and only Hot Sauce. Introducing Lemon Pepper Hot Sauce: Two 5oz Bottle

Table Hot Sauce: An 'all-weather' hot sauce that can be used to spice a variety of foods from Eggs, to tacos, to beans and brats.
Used in a sentence: "John are you really using tabasco as your table hot sauce? You need to step it up before momma gets mad"
At least that's our definition ;)
So, what makes the perfect table hot sauce? We spent alot of time on this one and think we found it. 

Early's First and only Hot Sauce! We spent a lot of time with this one. Over a year in development, this hot sauce mixes the perfect levels of heat and smoke with a hint of lemon. Resulting  in a versatile and knock out delicious hot sauce for your kitchen and dinner table.

Introducing Lemon Pepper Hot Sauce

2- 5oz Bottle: $16.99